Community Policing – There has been a breakdown in trust between the police and some of the neighborhoods they serve. We need to restore that trust. I’m a proponent of strengthening our neighborhood associations through block watch grants. We need policies which build our neighborhoods up and share the responsibilities of safe neighborhoods between community leaders and police. Proactive policies like block watch grants give residents the resources they need and the opportunities to build relationships with the officers who patrol their streets. Police training for precincts serving diverse districts like ours need changes to reflect 21st century law enforcement.

Corruption – I’m tired of city council members taking campaign donations from lobbyists, special interests, and rich donors and pretending it doesn’t effect their votes.  Transparency matters to a well functioning democracy, so take a look at where candidates are getting their money.  Bought-and-paid-for candidates don’t represent the interests of neighbors when it comes time to cast a critical policy vote.

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Corona Virus & City Budget – Lecturing in front of hundreds of students from all around the world at ASU, I’m acutely aware of the risks of COVID-19 and the economic necessity for restoring business activities. Parents want to feel secure knowing they’re sending their kids to a safe environment and employees want healthy workplaces. While the pandemic has hit our city budget hard, I will fight to make sure District 5 has the resources to stay safe and on track for a full economic recovery.

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