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As a West Valley homeowner and board member of the North Glen Square neighborhood association, I value the security and stability provided by our public safety officials.  Our volunteer association has confronted the same challenging issues which all District 5 neighborhoods are facing: homelessness, drug treatment facilities, and development zoning changes.  Our board of directors has worked hard to represent the needs of our neighbors and local business owners.  You can trust that I will defend our neighborhoods over City Hall special interests.

2020 Spring Public Talks with Osher Lifelong Learning Ages 55+

District 5 is home to the largest mosque in Arizona. In 2015, after a draw Muhammad cartoon contest, a series of protests erupted around the mosque over several weeks, requiring a large contingent of local law enforcement to help keep the peace.

I teach at ASU and GCC, and although I teach a range of classes about the history of religions, my specialization is modern Islam and security studies.  After earning bachelors degrees in Political Science and Religious Studies, I earned my Master’s degree from Duke University in 2010 before returning to ASU to do PhD work.  Because I’ve taught a number of courses within diverse communities, I have real experience with Arizona students in the classroom.  With a proven record of being committed to providing high quality, affordable education to Arizonans from all walks of life, I’m well prepared to fight for educational opportunities.

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But please don’t think I’m some snooty professor!  My first job was at a trash dump.  When I met my wife, I was the guy cleaning the fryer at the catfish restaurant where we worked together.  To buy our first Nintendo, my brother, my sister and I saved all our money from mowing lawns and picking cans and bottles for recycling.  My parents instilled a strong work ethic in me.  I’ve worked jobs with long hours, hard labor, and little pay.  And I’m not afraid to roll up my sleeves and get dirty – that includes painting, blight busting and alley cleanups.

I’ve been thinking about a lot of the critical issues facing us for a very long time.  But don’t just look over my credentials.  Ask one of my neighbors or former students who are wearing my shirts or have my signs in their yards about me.  Or better yet, contact me directly or stop by one of our meet and greets to get to know me.

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